Monday, June 10, 2013

Succulents!!! What an addictive hobby and awesome project for the small space gardener.  Once they start to make new growth, you can make more and more succulents.

It is interesting to see how the different succulents makes their new growth.  This one keeps on growing at the top of the plant. 

Max my Wire Haired Terrier always helps out with the gardening, his just checking on some of our older and more settled in Succulent plants.

Once the Succulent has made its new growth you can nip them of the "mother" plant, the small new growth soon will be a big new succulent plant.  There are various methods and ways to make them grow.  One thing to keep in mind is to be careful that they not to wet.  The small leaves rot easily.  I prefer sticking them into shallow soil, keeping them outside in the natural sunlight.  Checking every now and then that they are still happy and growing... 

Max is just doing some normal routine check-ups.  Seems although it has been extremely cold and rainy the previous batch of new growths are developing into strong little plants.  I like mixing them with seasonal flowers and other little plants in wooden boxes, perfect for the small garden space.

 Wooden box I got from Paradiso Flowers, they always have funky ideas for fresh cut flowers and plants.

 Mixing the succulents with some Parsley and other fresh herbs. Loving the different textures and it makes your small garden useful as well.

 These Succulents also started as small new growths, time to find them a new and bigger pot.

Happy growing :-)


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